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We are building the largest international gathering of Urban film and film industry experts, young filmmakers, and film enthusiasts.

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We are bringing films created by the new generation of Urban filmmakers to a worldwide audience. The Urban Film Festival is a rich resource for promotion, exposure, and education.

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Producing Workshop

Pre-Production,  Line-Producing,  Scheduling,  Budgeting  and  more

Cinematography Workshop

Directing  and  DP  Techniques,  Working  with  Actors  and  More 

Screenwriting Workshop

Story  Structure,  Plot  Driven Scripts,  Character  development and  more

Acting Workshop

Building  Multi-dimensional characters,  Script  analysis  and  more


International Sales

Video On Demand Agents

Cinema Distribution

Online Platform Monetization


Print Media

Cinema Screenings

Social Media Marketing

PR Campaign for Winning Contestants