“We  are  an   outlet for real  people,  with   genuine  dreams,  who  want  to  tell  their   stories  in  their own  voice.”


We offer a variety of workshops to choose from. Join us to learn more about Producing, Directing, Cinematography, Acting, Writing and more.


Our number one priority at Urban Film Festival is to equipt future filmmakers with the skills and tools needed to elevate the quality of their content with direct insight from industry professionals.

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Urban Film Festival presents both traditional and contemporary platforms that help expose the Urban Filmmakers content.


UFF administers several useful platforms for the urban filmmaker such as cinema screenings, print media, social media marketing and a PR campaign for the winning contestants.

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Urban Film Festival

We  are  one  of  the  largest  International  gatherings  of  Urban  Film  and  Film  Industry  experts, sharpening  skills  of  young  filmmakers, while  allowing  them  to  showcase  their  masterpieces. We  give  Urban  content  a voice  at  the  highest  level  of   industry   exposure.

We  celebrate  content   by   the   creators   for   the   creators.   We  are  an   outlet for real  people,  with   genuine  dreams,  who  want  to  tell  their   stories  in  their own  voice  and  in  their  own way.  We  provide  upcoming  filmmakers  with  a dynamic  platform,  creating  more  opportunities  to  show  their  films.  We educate filmmakers to  be  organized,  cost-effective,  and punctual, to help structure their content and learn higher level pre-production and post-production skills.

Urban Film Festival  is a three-day  event  that focuses  on  educating,  exposing,  and   providing  distribution  opportunities  for  the  new  generation  urban  filmmaker.  Held  in  sunny  Miami,  FL  every  Labor  Day  weekend,  UFF  is  dedicated  to  providing  a  platform  which  allows  urban  artists  the  same  opportunities  as  mainstream  genres.  



One of UFF's main initiatives is to provide as much knowledge and distribution opportunities for the Urban Film Maker.


UFF provides International Sales Experts, Video on Demand Agents, Cinema Distribution and the education needed for online platform monetization.

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