About the Festival

Urban Film Festival is dedicated to educating, exposing and providing distribution opportunities for the new generation of filmmakers. At UFF we celebrate culturally driven content, and are proud to be a platform for up and coming urban filmmakers to share the stories of their communities.

We are one of the largest international gatherings of urban film industry experts, content creators, and enthusiasts. Our workshops are designed to provide the new age filmmaker with tools and insight from industry professionals to enhance their productions. We provide our filmmakers with the opportunity to showcase their masterpieces and provide them with the education and resources they need to monetize from their content.

Urban Film Festival is truly dedicated to the creative and professional growth of the new generation of filmmakers.

Our Mission


We provide our participants with a broad variety of workshops and panels led by industry professionals who teach the art of creating high-quality content on an independent level.


Urban Film Festival serves as an outlet for urban content creators around the world to showcase their stories to a varying range of audiences in the heart of Miami.


Our main initiative is to educate filmmakers on how to bridge the gap between being a creative and becoming a professional. UFF provides International Sales Experts, Video on Demand Agents, Cinema Distributors and the education needed for online platform monetization.